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Founded in 2015 by underground filmmakers Laura Grace Robles & Fabrizio Federico in order to touch base with all the alternative filmmakers from across the world. Especially young directors seeking a platform to explode onto the ever growing international film scene.


The mood of the festival is vivid & the films chosen will represent the cream of the Enfants Terribles of international cinema. A springboard for filmmakers to create their own micro-budget epics.


Fabrizio Federico is the cult filmmaker of the movies Black Biscuit (2012), Pregnant (2015), Loon (2017) & Teddy Bears Live Forever (2019) he is the accidental founder of the fabulously scandalous PINK8 film manifesto.

His 'Federicoesque' films embrace guitars, street superstars, dead poets & shamanism. In 2016 his pop culture alter-ego Jett Hollywood has since been called ''the Ziggy Stardust of the cinema world''.





Laura Grace Robles started as a theater-camp and film school drop out, who emerged as Birthday Gurl, a San Antonio video artist and guerrilla film director using video installation and projections for Rakim, Eureka the Butcher and Gordon Raphael during their musical performances.

She unearths her junk film aesthetic opening concerts for musicians like Com Truise, Machine Drum, and The Octopus Project  The artist has approached the idea of conceptualizing a number of her films using her film making manifestos since her organization of public nudity at Wall-Mart in an installation documented by street art photography. She has directed Foxy Night Rocker (2010), The Jesus Monster  (2013) and Dica The Acid Queen Experiment (2019), Alice In Acid Wonderland (2020).








Acid Junk Film Diary Fabrizio (Official Website)