Film Festival

Submit your feature films and music videos for free to our 2017 International Online Film Festival


Film Fest 2017


1.Mathew Fisher - DJ Stan Da Man (Feature)           AUG 15th    

2.Brian mcguire - Rofrantic & The Flying Emitoe - Molly Green Giant (music vid)

3.Francisco Sanchez - NO HUMANOS (feature)

4.William Brown - New Hope  (feature)

5.Gordon Robertson - Anthony Reynolds - Life's Too Long (music vid)


6.Stuart Comerford – The Kids aren’t alright (feature)     AUG 16th

7.József Gallai - A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex (feature)

8.Bob Bryan  - Women The Power Paradigm  (feature)

9.William Brown - Roehampton Guerrillas   (feature)

10.ANDY WARPIGS - Folk Punk Yourself  (music vid)

11.Lorenzo Fassina  / Insanity Alert - Macaroni Maniac (music vid)


12.John Rasmussen- Ti Laurent  (feature)           AUG 17th

13.Blaise Kolodychuk - Night of the Shadow People (feature)

14.Glenn Triggs  - Cinemaphobia  (feature)

15.Joe Brown – Circle  (feature)

16.Nicolas Russeil - The Big Horn Factory – Electricity (music vid)


17.Louise Emily Thomas and Henry Palmer / The Melodic - Ode To Victor Jara  (music vid)    AUG 18th  

18.Tyrone Bruinsma - Monster Inside (feature)

19.Sacha Vucinic - Parisian Spirit - Spiral Spring (music vid)

20.Luc – MayDay (music vid)

21.Fuwad Abrar – Isolated (feature)


22.Fuwad Abrar  Contrite (Feature)       AUG 19th  

23.Leo Torres - Caravana invisible (music vid)

24.William Brown - Selfie  (feature)

25.Gregory Allen - To Be Loved by Sam Salter (music vid)

26.Guillaume Campanacci  - DEVILS IN DISGUISE (feature)

27.Saul DeMoritz - Phi-Life Cypher / Herbaholics (music video)


28.Jasmine Smoot - A Year in the Life of a Disgruntled Teen (feature)         AUG 20th  

29.Harry Ostrem - Pleasure Dome (music vid)

30.Justice M - DUST AND FORTUNES (feature)

31.Karolina Escarlatina and Zaf / Escarlatina Obsessiva - Mad Girl Singing (Music vid)  

32.Thomas Eikrem - ROCKFORD KABINE – Autopsia (music vid) 4


33.Becky Bell - John Fairhurst - Breakdown (music vid)     Aug 21th

34.Paolo Benetazzo – Shark City (music Video)

35.Miguel Angel Viruete - CineBasura: The Movie (feature)

36.Andrew Savage - The Second Coming (feature)